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library Predikheren Mechelen: opened and almost done
baroque ruin becomes 'public living room and literary wellness centre'
Mechelen Public Library
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Publication series on our work 'Katern I, II and III' available now!

We regularly document our work with plans, texts and photographs in a series of internal publications called Katern I, wonen/ living; Katern II, scholen/ schools; Katern III, gebouwen voor sport en cultuur/ buildings for sports and culture. The costs are € 12.50 per volume incl. postage. Up to now we only have a Dutch version but we currently work on an English edition too. If you're interested send us an email: ms@kortekniestuhlmacher.nl.

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Open Predikheren 2018

City library The Predikheren, in Mechelen, will temporarily open her doors for the public during the weekends of September. For information see:


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Lebeau Sablon Brussels: competition won

The team Maccreanor Lavington Architects: MLA + | Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten has won the invited competition for a building block in the inner city of Brussels consisting of new apartment blocks, an inner garden and the refurbishment of te monumental Paille building.


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Architecture Yearbook Flanders

The care home Parkhof in Machelen has been published in the Flemish yearbook. A great honor. And beautiful company.